Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Wife

I call her my honey bunny, my best friend, my little tarsier (tiny Filipino monkey).  I gaze at her.  The innocense, beauty, and inner strength that shines through her face.

She is my help mate.  A home body, for her cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes are relaxing forms of leisure, while for me they're chores.  She's been blessed with an unusual work ethic that seldom complains or shirks duties.

She is no less a saintly example when we pray evening prayers than she is working in the kitchen.  She's usually the first to light the candles at our family altar and ring the bell which says time for the rosary.  How many times I've called out from the other room "I've only got a few minutes left on this YouTube video."

Its just that her strengths compensate well for my weaknesses, and I hope it is also vice versa.

After all we are to be a model of the Holy Family.   The Blessed Virgin Mary is her model as wife; St Joseph is mine as husband.

She might read this post. I hope she does.  Honey Bunny, my best friend, my Tarsier, I thank God for you everday!

1 comment:

  1. Aww, thank you my Darlin' Bukie2x!!!
    I didn't know you wrote this about me.
    True Our Lady is my greatest model, how I wish I can see someone like her here on earth..😊